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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pictures & primaries

Here are a few pictures off my cell phone, spanning one month and at least two worlds:

12/22: Me in my parents' well-lit guest bedroom:

12/24: The view down my parents' street, and my brother and brother-in-law in their incredibly steep driveway:

1/04: Vending machines at the Cabazon outlets, featuring, among other products, batteries, Velcro, and deodorant:

1/14: Fascinating clouds:

1/17: Breakfast at a Palm Springs cafe after picking April up from the airport. The bird below is missing one foot:

1/18 Amusing titles at the Stater Bros.:

1/22 The Palm Springs airport at 2:21 a.m., with people wrapped in blankets apparently borrowed from another airline:

1/25: Icicles on my car, when my bumper was intact, and then me in the car:

1/27 View of downtown on my way to see a friend's band play at the Triple Rock:

1/29 Yet another shot of my mangled car; this long view shows how I was moved in the parking space:

Unrelatedly, this morning I listened to an NPR rebroadcast of last night's Republican debate, and this evening streamed live video of tonight's Democratic debate. The former made my skin crawl (thankfully I was distracted by washing dishes and other activities, but still: border fences! no more money for "entitlement" programs! 100 years in Iraq!), but the latter was relatively painless and, surprisingly, even almost conflict free. And call me shallow, but probably the main thing that struck me about tonight's debate was how likable and attractive I found both Barack and Hillary. Granted, I was in and out for that one, too, and all the clapping did wear a bit, but overall, I was left feeling positive and hopeful about the directions our country will be able to take now that the years of the Bush Abomination are finally ending.

Barack will be coming to Minneapolis this Saturday, for a rally that sold out the Target Center almost instantly. A friend invited me, but we're not sure yet whether I'll have a ticket or not. I'm really hoping to be able to go, of course, both to help me decide for whom I'll caucus next Tuesday, and because it feels like such a historic moment.


I Hope So said...

love that first photo. and that would be SO fantastic if you get to see obama.

Ern said...

Oh, you get to caucus! I've always thought that would be a fascinating experience. I have yet to watch the Dem debate, though I have to, since I now have to re-pick my candidate before Tuesday. (I have no plans to watch the Repub debate, for all of the reasons you mentioned. *shudder*)

Ellen said...

I think putting those items in vending machines is a good idea.

I need the Yoga for inflexible people...(see the stick-in-the-mud post on my blog).

Having your car hit totally sucks.

strovska said...

1) that's a very mcguyver-ish vending machine.
2) that's terrible about your car. i hate that sinking feeling when you realize that someone has damaged your stuff and you can't do anything about it except file a police report.
3) skin-crawling is a good word, and exactly why i've sworn off republican debates. something about their two-syllable pronunciation of "liberal" (LIBrull! LIBrull!) makes my head explode.

Curly Sue said...

Thank you for using both of the Democratic candidates' first names. It irritates me when they're referred to (in national press!) as Obama and Hillary. Grr.

And I can barely stand to listen to political talk anymore, Democratic or Republican.

Hathor said...

You are a such a fashionable goddess in your snug hat. Sorry about the car. That sucks.