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Sunday, January 13, 2008

So-Cal Blogger Convention

So because Mandy and Erin are still on the road on their way back home, it looks like I get to blog about today's adventure first! They came out to the desert this morning for brunch (my mom made cinnamon rolls for me, and I had to apologize to the girls that they would never be able to look at ordinary cinnamon rolls the same way ever again), and spent the whole afternoon. We did the hill loop after we ate, as it was beautifully clear and warm--though a bit breezy. Actually, it was so windy we were nearly blown away, but, as Mandy pointed out, it totally made the adventure.

It seems strange to write that it was my first time meeting them in person, although that's actually the case. The fact, though, is that they instantly felt like old friends, and not just because we've been reading each other's blogs for so long. They are both amazingly kind, funny, and intelligent girls (and, my goodness! GORGEOUS!), and they even laughed at my nerdy jokes. We did a lot of laughing (and, for that matter, nerd-ing).

If my blog is good for anything (and I do occasionally wonder), it's for meeting people like these. Awesome.


Ern said...

You posted first! I'm actually going to wait until I get the pictures from Mandy to make my post, so I'm sure she'll beat me too. :)

Ditto to everything you said! I had SUCH a blast, and I'm so glad you guys included me.

Meeting amazing people like you guys has definitely been my favorite part of blogging.

The Churches said...

How fun is that! Looks like a fun trip to the Desert.

I love your new blog look! Awesome!!!!!!

I Hope So said...

ceri, you are one awesome lady. and your parents rock, too. i am still laughing about that blog conversation with your parents over brunch. i wish i could have recorded that!

i love how easily the three of us eased into what could have been a very awkward day. i really have no other term to describe yesterday other than PERFECT.

Curly Sue said...

That's pretty cool...that you've actually met people from The Internets. I'm proud of myself for finally beginning to expand my blog universe. I love reading Mandy's blog, for example.