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Monday, January 14, 2008

Cut & color

So I gave myself a haircut. I'd trimmed it before, but I'd never actually been brave enough to cut it all. But my mom has this terrific mirror on an extending arm that makes it (reasonably) easy to see the back of one's head while one cuts, and although I'd had two quite good professional cuts in the last month and a half, neither had been quite as short in back as I would have liked. (Is the quasi-mullet actually in, or is that just how stylists interpret "feminine in the back"?)

As it turns out, I got it a bit too short, probably. Still, the process provided rather an epiphany. For one thing, my own hair is the easiest I've ever cut--curly and color-variegated, and thus very forgiving. For another, I am better acquainted with the shape of my own head and the weirdnesses of my own hair than pretty much anybody else. And finally, cutting my own hair is not only free, but allows me to make unlimited touch-ups as I notice mistakes (something other people whose hair I've cut tend to find annoying).

One thing about having it really short is that even after I put some red demi-permanent color in, the patches on the left side of my head are still visible--even in the picture above, which Mandy took. They're red instead of blond, but I'm still a tortie.

Anyway, overall I thought the self-cut was pretty successful; I didn't even cut myself this time! If you've been thinking about cutting your own hair, I think you should definitely try it at least once.


I Hope So said...

i've always wanted to give myself a drastic cut and color. just like people do in the movies when they are on the run.

yours looks great. i say save the money and frustration and keep doing it yourself!

Ern said...

I am waaaaaaay too chicken to ever cut my own hair. So when you cut yours and it looks that good? I'm super impressed.

And the color patches just make you unique. :)

Hathor said...

You can cut my hair again any time. I don't mind touch-ups: it would mean you're close enough to make the touch-ups.

strovska said...

after my first professional haircut in a long time being kind of disappointing, i agree--i think everyone should at least try cutting their own hair once, because it might turn out better than the "professional" (yours looks quite a bit better than my self-cuts, by the way).

Kendra said...

wow, impressive! looks good though!

Cerise said...

Thanks, everybody!

Mandy, I too find inspiration in the on-the-run cut and color... although I (sadly?) don't seem to be running anywhere.

Heather, I'll cut your hair again anytime! I think I'm better now than when I first started...

And Rachel, I haven't seen your hair, but I'm guessing it's straight, which may explain the difficulties; curly hair is soooo much easier! Still, I know what you mean about disappointing professional cuts, and maybe practice makes perfect...