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Thursday, January 10, 2008

More hiking

As my dad and I were returning from our run this morning, we saw a swirling vortex of about 20 hawks hovering above the tallest peak in the hills behind their house, the one he and my mom have dubbed "Big Sunday." It was quite the convention, and since we were already sweaty and the day was beautiful (it hit 73 today!), we decided to hike up and check it out. I called Heidi, and she was able to come with us, too.

By the time we got within sight of Big Sunday (at the base, the smaller hills hide the summit from view), the birds were gone, but the views were terrific anyway. It was such a nice day that we just kept going, and hiked the entire loop, which I hadn't done since last Christmas. It was great.

This panorama (click to see the whole thing) includes San Gorgonio, which I haven't climbed but would like to someday:

Between the run and the hike, I was outside for about three hours, and even ended up getting lightly toasted! It will be nice to have a little color to take back to Minneapolis with me, to remind me of these halcyon days (though I'm still here until the 21st and intend to take full advantage of that!).


Ern said...

Have you been to southern Utah? If you love the SoCal desert, you will be transfixed by the redrock.

SteveQ said...

I just discovered your blog - and love it! Ever consider running a marathon on a trail, like the half-voyageur trail marathon in Carlton, MN? There's a bunch of us loonies out there.

Carissa J said...

I like the new design!

Kendra said...

you are too athletic for me! ;) i wish i was as fit as you though!!!