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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another Wednesday sunset

I take these pictures of the endlessly fascinating (to me, anyway!) San Jacinto while standing, usually in socks but occasionally barefoot, on the cement patio table on my parents' porch. Today, although it was a bit hazy, was the first time we'd been able to see the entire mountain in about three days, and it was glorious in the snow that had been falling while the clouds lingered around the summit.

You'd think that after four winters here, even though I head back to the Midwest between each, I would be used to the desert. But I still just can't get over it.


David said...

I love the new design... and the sunset looks great too.

Curly Sue said...

Great new blog design, Ceri. I love your new profile photo, too.

Hathor said...

Beautiful. Wish I were in the desert with you, though I'm enjoying the snow that comes with colder temperatures. I'm just about ready for summer again. I miss the sunshine and the heat.

Props on the new layout, too.