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Thursday, November 08, 2007

"All my bags are packed..."

Last night, as I was desperately trying to finish the essay exam that has been plaguing me (due at 12:30 this afternoon and which, I am increasingly realizing, was terrible), my laptop began to wheeze. These sad, rasping gasps certainly did nothing to improve my concentration. My laptop has had asthmatic issues in the past, but has seemed to recover well when I've used canned air to clean the fans. Last night, nothing was helping consistently. It would be quiet for a spell, and then start wheezing again. I was worried it might start to overheat if the fan was out, so I actually made a little icepack and rested the computer on it. Thankfully, it allowed me to finish the paper and today has been fine.

Still, I will not be taking it with me this weekend. Lappy is practically an appendage, and I'll admit that I get a little twitchy when I think about not seeing it again until Tuesday. But I'll be walking the mile to the train station tomorrow, and neither want the extra weight in my rolling carry-on nor want to subject it to travel in its potentially fragile state. Plus, I'm pretty sure the separation will be good for me.

In the meantime, dear readers, posts may be a bit thin. On the plus side, I'll be seeing some of the most devoted among you in person!



Curly Sue said...

Lappy. I love it.

Ted said...

Let's chat in meat-space about this. I may be able to provide some suggestions.

I Hope So said...

i miss you. please return to your lappy soon.

Curly Sue said...

I hope your break from the Midwest was as relaxing and wonderful as my break from the South.