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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Good news/bad news

Bad news: It snowed here on Monday. Not enough to stick, but a few flurries. It flurried again yesterday. And so it starts.

Good news: My man Dennis Kucinich (two words: vegan pacifist) offered a bill to impeach Dick Cheney. (I realize this isn't exactly "news" anymore, but I'm so glad someone is still interested in pointing out the evil in the White House that I wanted to mention it anyway.)

Bad news: I've lost two toenails in the past two weeks, both on my right foot, thanks to marathon-induced subungual hematomas. And my left leg is still bugging me.

Good news: This morning I was at school before 8:00 and was able to put together a PowerPoint presentation for today's 9:05 and 11:15 sections (with a minute or two to spare); now I am done teaching for another week!

Bad news: North Country Co-Op, my beloved West Bank source for soup, rolls, and farmer-direct eggs, has shut its doors, apparently permanently.

Good news: The smell of death in my apartment has diminished significantly. The Indian-ish garbanzo/tomato curry and brown rice I made yesterday has also helped mask it.

Bad news: The take-home essay that has been haunting me all week is due tomorrow, and still requires some significant work between now and then.

Good news: I fly to Seattle on Friday! I'm getting out of the Midwest for the first time since May! It's hard to communicate how happy this makes me. I get to fly! On a plane! Away from here! And see family and friends! Outside of Minnesota!

And, finally, speaking of happy, today the department held an informal luncheon to properly welcome one of this semester's visiting lecturers. I sat next to one of the professors with whom I have little contact (but about whom, oddly enough, I dreamed last night after seeing him in the office yesterday afternoon--I was his TA and he wanted me to haul and label boxes of stuff), but who is widely reputed to be charming and well-loved. The visiting lecturer will be teaching the survey course next semester (the one for which I TA-ed last semester), and the professor recounted team-teaching it with the professor I assisted last year, back when the U was on the quarter system (!). He described, in his cheerful Belgian accent, a headlong dash through Western art history. "We blew a projector bulb one day," he said, "and in the 10 minutes it took to replace it, I lost the entire Byzantine period!" Awesome.


Carissa J said...

It has flurried here, too.

I lost a toenail after my marathon. It was pretty gross, but I couldn't help but feel pride that the reason for the grossness was because I ran 26.2 miles all at the same time.

They'll be back in no time. :)

Cerise said...

Yep, I've lost them in every marathon I've run, unfortunately! Thankfully they do all come back (for more punishment).

Angela said...

Thank you, Ceri. Enjoy your vacation! I sure do understand the excitement of flying. And I am sad, sad, sad about your co-op closing. I can't imagine in that happened here. We're getting a Whole Foods or Wild Oats or something here in Lincoln in the near future. I hope Open Harvest will stay strong.

I Hope So said...

you are so hardcore. spitting out teeth. and now losing toenails. remind me to never get on your bad side.

i like the good/bad format. i might just be stealing that in the near future...

David said...

I enjoyed the political commentary. I'm not a big Kucinich fan, but it was nice to see somebody grow a pair and stand up to the current administration, even if it did die in committee. You gotta respect a guy who's willing to lay it all out there like that. Of course, I'm a Paultard so what do I know.

Hope you enjoy your time in the northwest. Best place on earth!

Kendra said...

you make REAL indian food? who taught you? i'm super impressed. my husband is indian and i'm still learning.

Kendra said...

ps: i've finally added you to my blogroll and fav-ed you on techno... things i've been meaning to do for weeks! you're a celeb now! ha! ;)