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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back from Seattle

I arrived in Minneapolis a little before 6:00 this morning, after "sleeping" for two and a half hours in the middle seat of the 48th (last) row of the plane. I hopped the lightrail and was home in time to grab a shower, eat some oatmeal, and grade and record the last of my quizzes before biking to school for the day.

I picked up a big coffee at the Bad Waitress on the way, but it apparently exploded at some point, so I ended up wearing about half of it. About half a mile from school, another biker passed me and called, "You're leaking!" Only, I thought he said, "You're late!" and figured it was one of my students, so I sped up. I realized about a minute later what he'd actually said... but because of the extra speed did end up being eight minutes early for class. (A fellow TA looked at the clock and said, "What are you doing here?!")

The remaining half of the coffee, unfortunately, was about as successful in overriding my sleepiness as the half on me. Making it through my three classes was pretty painful, and when I finally finished I came home and slept for two hours. Then I prepped for teaching tomorrow, and am now so exhausted that I'm going to have to sleep instead of writing all about my adventures on the Left Side of the country.

They were thoroughly exciting, though, from missing my first flight to hanging out with the whole family, from playing Wii for the first time to an on-location episode of Disaster Kitchen at my sister's house. I have another* take-home essay exam due Thursday, so depending how that goes, I'll either have to delay the update or procrastinate by blogging. Stay tuned.

* Another! I'm not sure I'd ever written one of these, and now both of my classes require them.


Ern said...

You need a vacation from your vacation.

Cerise said...

I know! It's a serious trip for a weekend, even a long one.

I Hope So said...

oh man, spilling half of your coffee is the WORST.

however, if someone road past me and yelled out "you're leaking!" i would be very relieved to find out it was coffee they were referring to.

can't wait to hear more about seattle!