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Thursday, September 20, 2007

I temporali

I complained about the weather reports in Washington. I complained about them in Ohio. But after the wild inaccuracies of the former, and before I returned to them with the latter, I was absolutely stunned by Nebraska's. In my memory, anyway, in Nebraska they could predict the weather two weeks in advance and be dead-on. Washington and Ohio's weather reports seemed to be sketchy guesses at best, but until I moved to Minnesota, I had never heard weather reports change so quickly.

This morning when I got out of bed, they were still predicting mostly sunny with a high of 80. By the time I was eating breakfast half an hour later, they had amended the report to mostly cloudy, with storms in the afternoon. And did we ever have storms! Thankfully my neighbor and I had finished our run by the time the monsoons hit. I was in the shower when the tornado sirens went off, and when I turned on the radio when I got out, discovered that Hennepin county was under both a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado watch! Last I heard, there were six funnel-cloud sightings in the area, but nothing right here by me.

I did, however, attempt to capture a little bit of the storm for those of you who miss such things--my first attempt at video on my phone and video on Blogger! The sound doesn't appear to have come out too well; what you're supposed to hear is the tornado sirens.

Thankfully the storms have calmed down now, and I'm hoping for a nice, quiet, trip to Champaign... for which I should probably start packing.


I Hope So said...

oh yes! thanks for thinking of me!

i love violent weather... the threat of tornadoes gives me goosebumps. the-happy-adventure-kind. i know i'm sick. but i don't care.

Ellen said...

I do like whatever sound your camera turned the sirens into, though.