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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I am frequently fascinated by how the Greenway looks. Yesterday morning it rained, and on my ride home there were huge puddles reflecting the overwhelming greenness. This photo doesn't capture the tiny pockmarks of the first hint of a shower, but they're there.

For posterity, I also captured the striking fashion statement that is my new rain pants with my favorite seizure-inducing footwear combo.

Yes, I'm riding in the quizzical self-portrait picture. But not very fast.

When I got home, I knocked on my neighbor's door to see if I could borrow a book, and the first thing she said was, "Want to go running?" I didn't, really, but thought I should.

We were about halfway down the block when it started to sprinkle, and I grumbled, but we kept going. The rain gradually increased in intensity over our six miles; there was already water rolling off the brim of my hat by the time the real storms struck about half a mile from home. Within seconds, we went from merely wet to thoroughly saturated as the water came down in sheets and turned the sidewalk into a puddle obstacle course.

I'd been sad all day about the persistent grayness, but a good hour's run and conversation, capped with a giddy dash up the alley that had me laughing so hard I could hardly jump the puddles completely redeemed the day. Here I am in all my rain-soaked glory.

Then this is how today looked.


I Hope So said...

oh man, it's been too long since i've been caught in the rain. you look thoroughly happy and all glow-y like in that last self-portrait. i love it.

strovska said...

i love those shoes! i saw a girl recently with red-and-orange sneakers, and i was tempted to ask her where she got them