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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

V * O * T * E

This is the first I've been able to see, let alone post to, my blog in several days, so I'm glad it's back. I was afraid it would not allow me to post my possibly single most important message of the year: it's voting day, so get out there and do it! Voting is an incredible privilege (and a relatively recent, extremely hard-won one for women), and our participation shows that we appreciate the sacrifices of others and how fortunate we are.

Also, Karl Rove believes that he has "THE math," and few things would make me happier than seeing that slimy toadball proved wrong.

Of course, if you think the president is basically doing a stellar job and that his party in Washington is accomplishing good, honest things and making sound use of our tax dollars, by all means, vote Republican. If you have your doubts, do the research... and then let your VOTE be heard.


Daniel said...

But Colbert said that the D means Don't vote for them, and he'll only do the balloon drop if the Republicans win. I do so like balloons.

Voth said...

Christmas doesn't traditionally have balloons, and this morning sure felt like Christmas morning.

Oh, and Rumsfeld stepping down, much like getting a shiny new 10-speed.

At least this whole voting process works sometimes.

Cerise said...

Daniel, "You can't fool us! We're the children of the revolution!"

And Wendy, I agree completely: I too kept thinking that it felt like Christmas morning.

Angela said...

i wish i could have been there. but i look forward to going home even more now. hope, wonderful, hope.

Anonymous said...

utenzi said...

I voted, almost straight Dem, but I don't agree with the popular saying that voting is an incredible privilege, Cerise. In a system where huge amounts of money are required to win an election, politicians don't answer to the people they answer to people with lots of money.

On the ballot there should be an additional choice, one that states that the voter wants the system changes and isn't going to vote for any candidate in protest. LOL It's a dream, I guess.

Cerise said...

I agree that the limited "selection" can be depressing; however, this fall Minneapolis passed Instant Runoff Voting for municipal offices, which will hopefully prove to be a successful test case for statewide elections--and eventually, ideally, national ones as well. Hopefully it will bring a bit more of the "privilege" (the veractiy of which I maintain!) back into voting.