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Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday the 13th

1. The Onion says it so much better than I ever could.

2. Naturally, I am elated about the election results; Americans have somewhat begun to redeem themselves, and I can only hope the trend holds.

3. I have 40 five-page papers to grade, three more classes to teach, and a 15-minute presentation to deliver to my seminar class before Thanksgiving break. We have classes Wednesday; I can't skip because I'm a teacher.


Anonymous said...

but you should skip. skip. skip. skip. skip. skip. skip. skip. skip!

Angela said...

deconstruction sounds...i have no words. but that article was so interesting. i'm going to avoid grad school. are you really like that guy? are you doing all right? i'm concerned.

Nancy said...

You can come home and live in your Mommy's and Daddy's basement anytime you like. Oh wait, we don't have a basement. Okay then, you can sleep on a leaky Coleman mattress in the office where the old computer growls.

Scott said...

We had that Onion article as a handout in my Intro to Research class at UNL. I laughed and thought I got it, but it was only my first week of grad school. Now I get it.