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Friday, October 27, 2006

"I had some dreams they were..."

At the risk of perpetuating the myth that my life here in the Cities is "glamorous" (as my mom suggested when I told her Bryant and I were going to see BodyWorlds last Wednesday; I responded that I'd clearly been blogging about the wrong things), here are two of the day's Disaster Kitchen productions: coffee and soup! The former is an attempt at a macchiato (or two), made with the espresso maker Bryant gave me* and to which I'm now a bit addicted. Foaming the milk is my favorite part; sometimes getting to use the steamer is what gets me up in the morning.

The soup is a loose interpretation of one Ellen spotted at veganlunchbox. I made it more or less from the recipe yesterday, and Bryant and I ate quite a lot of it over brown rice, even though the delicious spices made my eyeballs sweat. We both thought it would be good as the base for something a little more substantive, so today I cooked some green lentils and sort of built another batch of soup around them, adding yesterday's leftovers. My attempt at naan was less than stellar, but I thought the soup was pretty fabulous.

Now, however, lest you think my life too exciting, I wish to say that yesterday was essentially my first chance to cook anything all week. I spent the entire weekend grading 40 five-page film essays, stayed up ridiculously late Sunday writing a paper for Monday and then again Monday writing a paper for Tuesday. Monday I woke up having nightmares about deconstruction, and Tuesday having nightmares about "The Kreutzer Sonata." I overslept my alarm Monday and was almost late for class (even worse when you're the teacher), and don't think I'll attempt leading another discussion under similar circumstances without coffee. I thought at the time that my students were just having "a case of the Mondays," but in retrospect realize that it's more likely I was just asking incoherent questions.

All of this is giving me wrinkles. I have wrinkles and spots, which I think is about the least glamorous combination possible.

*He found it under his couch in the dorm


utenzi said...

Those wrinkles don't look too serious but look on the bright side--according to Dilbert this will make you more productive. Or is that a bright side?

Ellen said...

i've noticed sunspots on my face. it worries me, giving me wrinkles.

Adrianna said...

I feel ya... I was just commenting to my Mom tonight that I'm so depressed to realize that I have wrinkles around my eyes and a worry line under my mouth... I'm getting old and it's all kinds of wrong in my book!

Angela said...

i have wrinkles too. but it doesn't mean we're getting old.

your food looks yummy.

the quote on my blog came from "Listening to Your Life: Daily Meditations wtih Frederick Buechner." it's a compilation of his writings. originally, it came from "Whistling in the Dark."