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Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Maybe you wonder where you are..."

I promised a report of the voyage to Min- neapolis, but have so far been remiss. I'll attempt to remedy that now, relatively briefly; if you want to hear everything, you can come take me out for felafels. And ice cream. And then maybe some coffee.

Bryant has posted some great pictures here, which illustrate the adventures.

Friday: My last day of work; Bryant and I leave early in the afternoon following a lovely quasi-surprise farewell lunch planned by my co-workers. We camp in an RV park in Lee Vining.

Saturday: We drive from the east to the west entrance of Yosemite, where friends are camped; we explore the park and stay at the friends' campsite (fortuitous as well as enjoyable, since the entire park was booked solid).

Sunday: We drive to San Francisco so I can see the Matthew Barney exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I find the entire museum stunningly fabulous. We leave at approximately 5 p.m. for Vancouver.

Monday: We arrive at Bryant's mom's at approximately 5 a.m. and attempt to sleep a bit. We pick up Sunny at work, after touring the grounds and exotic birds and animals for which she is caretaker. Sunny and I help Colleen paint her shed and Bryant and Bradley sort, pack, and load the trailer.

Tuesday: A trip to downtown Portland and the enduringly-wonderful Typhoon. More work on the trailer and Jeep, including the purchase and installation of overload springs--culminating, after dark, in a critical piece breaking and requiring replacement.

Wednesday: The new piece purchased and installed, we leave for Port Orchard, approximately 5 hours later than originally predicted. As I left the dome light on all night, the Jeep requires jump-starting to start in the morning and again when we first stop for gas. We have our first flat on the trailer. We arrive at April's house and have dinner downtown with Dad and Joel; we stay up late talking.

Thursday: We leave early for Glacier National Park, where we will meet Paul and Teri. We drive through most of Washington, Idaho, and into Montana, the trailer preventing us from going faster than 55 mph. We have our second flat on the trailer, near Ellensburg. We arrive at the campsite at 2 a.m.

Friday: We wake to a crackling fire and wonderful food. Later, the four of us climb part of the Garden Wall trail, approximately 6 miles. We see Dahl's sheep, mountain goats, and hoary marmots. When we return to camp, Ter roasts probably the best corn on the cob I have ever eaten. There are also s'mores.

Saturday: Bryant and I climb up to Jackson Glacier, a 16-mile roundtrip, while Paul and Ter do a few shorter hikes. We see moose, deer, and toads; Bryant sees a black bear. We return exhausted and again Ter feeds us.

Sunday: We head east; Bryant realizes the alternator is failing. We limp into Wolf Point, Montana, without headlights, and camp at an RV park.

Monday: We make it all but the last mile to Glendive, Montana, before the alternator fails. We get a tow and they fix it. We stop at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, where we discover one of my high school classmates working as an intern. We camp in Jamestown, North Dakota.

Tuesday: We arrive in Minneapolis.


Daniel said...

Why did you change the title?

Cerise said...

Heh... I realized I got the lyrics wrong--and correct, they didn't make as much sense. So I chose another line.

Angela said...

you camped in jamestown, nd? i bet that was the most awesome campsite ever! did you camp near the dam? that's the only campsite i know of there, and i only know about it because i would run by it.

Cerise said...

Yep, Jamestown, and we thought of you Barbers when we were there! And, yes, we did camp by the dam. It was dark when we got there, but it was pretty the next morning.

Amy said...

you were in jamestown on monday, as in Labor Day monday? i and my brothers and our significant others were there that same day! tim and i stayed the whole week in nd and just got back yesterday. we also had car trouble. i can't believe you were so close! you should have called. we would have invited you out to the lake.

Cerise said...

Hi, Amy! Actually, it wasn't Labor Day Monday, it was the 21st of August. We were only in Jamestown for about seven hours, but it would have been great if we could have seen you somehow! Sadly, I'm pretty sure you were scattered about the country (and world) when we were there.

Jeff said...

coolio, and we like the picture.