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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dear Everyone...

... I am alive. Well, even.

Bryant and I arrived in Minneapolis one week and one day ago today, and I had a day of University orientation and a day of graduate writing workshop before we drove to Indiana with my dad and grandpa (who magnanimously drove my grandpa's van, fully laden with the majority of my earthly possessions, to my apartment Thursday night) and my mom, who flew in even later Thursday night as part of my parents' celebration of their 30th wedding anniversary.

We arrived late Friday and spent Saturday and Sunday in Indiana with family, including various first (and once removed) cousins. Bryant, my mom and I drove back to Minneapolis Monday, in time for her to catch her 9:30 p.m. flight, and I had yet more orientation yesterday (new UMN TAs) and today (Art History department). Tomorrow will conclude the formal orientation; classes begin Tuesday.

I will post (really) about our adventures getting here, my apartment, and the University, but for now, this will have to do. Thank you all for checking in, and for missing me...


Daniel said...

Welcome back.

I think your second sentence could have "even" as the sentence and "Well" as the introduction instead of even as the aside. So you arrived safely, well, even, which is better than odd.

Angela said...

i did miss you, and i am glad you're back.

Carissa J said...

glad you're back! and have you ever been to an IKEA store? There's one in Bloomington, next to the Mall of America, and it's SO COOL. You should go, if you haven't already. Even though I don't think I know you enough to recommend stores to you, I so thoroughly enjoyed my experience there that I'm doing so anyway.