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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hot hot hot

Have you tried a ceramic flat iron? Have you? Because, ohmygoodness. This is some flat hair.

Actually, tonight was technically the second time I'd seen this tool's effect on my hair, although it was the first time I'd wielded it myself. The first time was the morning of Bradley and Sunny's wedding. I'd been out running, and when I returned, Bryant's former-cosmetologist aunt cornered me and had half my head straightened before I knew what was happening.

The effects were indeed impressive: without any product, my hair was shiny and silky and very, very straight. I could run my fingers through it. Bryant was very excited to do the same, although, to his credit, when I asked him if he wanted me to straighten all of it for their wedding, he said no because it "wasn't me." He was quick to add, however, that he would really like it if I tried it sometime.

So today, partly because cutting my hair off makes me feel adventuresome and partly because it means I have far less hair to worry about, I bought a cheap flat iron, and tonight started experimenting. It took me about three minutes to straighten all the hair I could reach, and left me giddy with the possibilities. Spikes! Real spikes that don't flop over into soft curls! (Then again, straightening my hair renders it nearly twice as long, which means some seriously frightening spikes.) Bangs across my forehead! A beehive! And I can hardly stop touching it--it's so smooth. Is this how you people whose hair is naturally (miraculously) straight feel when you curl yours?

The experience also got me to wondering, though, about how different my life might have been had this technology been around when I was a teenager. Living with unruly hair builds character (and musical genius, if you're to believe my brother's "influences")--of this I am almost positive. It teaches you that there are some things in life that you just have to live with, and that things usually go better when you don't try to fight them. Having curly, oddly streaked hair is part of who I am. I'll play around with the straight iron, but it won't become a habit. 'Thing doesn't look... natural.


Voth said...

Ah, the straight iron. I works for me. For about an hour.

I am convinced that the white girl 'fro will become popular soon. I've had this hope for 20 years or so, so it can't be much longer.

Cerise said...

You and me, Wendy--we'll be the trendsetters!

Anonymous said...

yes, that is how us with straight hair feel when we curl ours...and it stays curled!!! :) deanna

Ellen said...

you're in minneapolis, right?

Luke said...

Cold! Cold! Cold!

You not writing in your blog anymore leaves a cold place in my heart!

By the way... Happy Birthday!

Jeff said...

No pictures?!

I don't know... straight is great, but Anne Lamott's dreds are f-i-n-e as well.

Anonymous said...

Remember when you made a comment about how my hair looked so straight? Well, you found the secret. It doesn't take as long as curling it.

Happy Birthday!