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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hare today, goon tomorrow...

My hair is gone and I feel wonderful.

I did not look at it lying in ringlets on the salon floor and I did not miss detangling it later in the shower (although April tells me I have no idea about shower detangling).

I don't expect strangers to compliment me on it or touch it (there's a certain length at which random people begin to comment--usually five or six months' growth).

The stylist admitted (later) to being a little surprised that I wanted to go short, although he eagerly accepted the challenge ("You're the first person today who let me cut all her hair off!") and did an admirable job. If you're ever in Cathedral City, I strongly recommend Hi-Lites, where my experience included not only an aromatherapy neck massage (in a heated massaging chair) before the shampoo, but a free make up touch-up (with the adorable Jimmy, who really did more of a makeover than a touch-up) and hand massage. I felt thoroughly pampered and flattered. And when you're only averaging one professional haircut a year, that's what you want.


Luke said...

I'd be happy just to have a full head of hair!

Cerise said...

I do think you'd look kind of silly with mine, though.

Luke said...

I disagree. Next time you should give your hair to "locks of love" and donate them to a worthy cause like my head.

Ellen said...

this comment thread is the funniest i've read in a long time. plus i just watched a soprano's episode where there is a toupee surprise.

and ceri, while bryant is running his fingers through your hair could you have him take a picture of your new hair?

April said...

yes, that is correct. you have no idea about shower detangling. and my hair was shorter when i said that. now it's below the strapline in back. believe.