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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Minding the gap

(In case you wondered what I'd been up to during the lapse in blog service...)

I flew into LA Wednesday night; between giving my final at Lourdes, packing, and then getting up to drive myself to Dayton, I'd slept about 3 hours. Bryant picked me up and we headed straight for Seattle.

We drove all night and all day.

We got to Auburn just in time to make our goal: April's bridal shower. I gave her the painting she's holding.

The wedding was Sunday afternoon in the Academy Church. This is the part that made me cry.

Bryant got a picture of it.

April married Chris Knopper.

This is the reception. Teri did all the decorations for both it and the church, and my mom did the food. Bryant took this picture of his plate.

Our little cousin Maddy was the snow angel.

Bryant and I helped with clean-up on Monday and then drove to his mom's house in Vancouver. On Christmas Eve, he and Bradley and I went snow- boarding.

I had never been before.

We opened presents early Christmas morning.

This is Bryant's mom, Colleen.

We left Tuesday morning for the desert. Somehow we managed not to get any pictures of Jon and Lauren or their adorable house in Santa Rosa... but did get this one of my brother the rock star (who came down from Seattle to meet us for the trip) sleeping in the back.

Thursday was Christmas with my family, including the newly- returned honeymooners. April and Chris had to leave early the next morning, but Joel and Bryant and I stayed up and watched March of the Penguins.

Or... tried to. Joel took this picture when he woke up.

On New Year's Day, Bryant and I went climbing in Joshua Tree. Here I'm at the top of the second route we did.

I really like this picture of Bryant, who is trying to show me a boulder problem.

And that's about it.


Sudarshan said...

Hey I was just browsing random blogs when I came here..really nice blog u've got here. full of information and great pictures!!Anyway,wish you a very happy new year, and keep posting!!

NANCY said...


bryant said...

Does this mean I don't have to blog about Christmas?

Cerise said...

Thanks, Sudarshan and Mom. And Bryant, you know I only used about two percent of the available photos...

Angela said...

ceri, i love your photo update. it's beautiful. i'm glad to see you back to blogging.

ashley b said...

Beautifully written and captured update of your Silent Time, Ceri. Even though I only know you and Bryant in your story and pictures, it's amazing how fun it was to read and see! In fact, I'm so interested that I have a few comments and a couple questions... :)

1. Did YOU paint the painting that April is holding? It looks lovely, in any case.

2. What a beautiful wedding! Beautiful bride, lovely bridesmaids dresses, yummy-looking food!

3. Your pictures of "early Christmas morning" look REALLY early if Bryant's mom is in fact sitting in front of a window that shows it to be dark outside! :)

And for the rest, an overall "I'm so glad you shared!" will suffice. What are you up to now?

Cerise said...

Thank you, Angela and Ashley! Yes, I did paint that painting, during a workshop this summer. And, yes, it was SUPER EARLY Christmas morning--too early for humans, really. Sunny (Bryant's brother Bradley's fiancee) had to get back home to help with cooking brunch by about 8, so we had to be done with the tree by then. More updates on what I'm up to will follow...

Valerie said...

since lazy bryant decided he could not bare to repeat the christmas story i was lead to your website. LOVE your bridesmaid dress! and he's looked very beautiful.