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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Speechless and redundant..."

After my lecture this afternoon, I was so exhausted that I could barely form sentences to help the two students who wanted my assistance on their paper topics. I finally had to ask them to e-mail me about it so that I could think about it when my brain was working. Then I drove the 70 miles home and ran three more around City Park.

The good news is that I have three weeks to recover: next Tuesday is a school-wide holiday and the one after that is Spring Break. Theoretically, this means I'll be able to make significant progress on the "complete structural overhaul" of my thesis. I'm discovering just how difficult it is to get anything done on it when I'm preoccupied with preparing PowerPoints and notes for a 2.5 hour lecture each week (and trying to fit in my two other jobs).

And there's more good news: Arizona called on Monday--and I'm in! Bring on more fatigue-induced aphasia! Wooooo!


Daniel said...

Did you apply to any schools outside of the Southwest?

Cerise said...

Well... they're all WEST, except for Minnesota. But the northern California ones aren't really "south" at all... and even the southern ones don't really seem SOUTHwest. Anyway.