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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Feeling forward

My dear friend Heather doesn't send forwards, so when I got one from her yesterday, I knew it was important. Since you're all lovers of a free and fair internet, I think you'll agree.

You may have heard about AOL's proposal to put into effect a system whereby e-mailers willing to pay a fee would be granted spam-filter-free access to their subscribers' e-mail accounts--it's been in the NYT and on NPR. The rest of us mere mortals (and small non-profits unable to cough up the cash) would have no such assurance, and would likely experience even more difficulty in getting our messages to AOL subscribers (already a challenge, given their notoriously loose definition of "spam"). has organized a petition in protest. I signed it, and if you agree that this is an important issue, I invite you to sign it too. Thanks Heather, for the heads-up, and to the rest of you for reading--and for acting as you see fit.


Luke Loeffler said...

I make it a point to never sign anything MoveOn is backing regardless of topic.

Cerise said...

LUKE! You commented! You token Republican friend, you! I'm glad you're reading, even if our political views don't always converge...

Luke Loeffler said...

Yes I'm the token GOP in many groups (some of which still don't know) but MoveOn? Really? I have a hard time following a group that started with the belief that all people shouldn't be equal. Now I hate them because they are 1) cause me work 2) regularly choose stupid topics to argue (but I can see a point with the AOL thing) 3) are really causing more problems for their party than helping.