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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Like a Vogon

Good things about running outside this evening:

  • Soft breeze across my lips
  • Piney, slightly alcoholic smell of fresh bark chips
  • Skittering leaves
  • The dog that tried to race me around the loop (his leash--and human--preventing him from doing so)
  • Large grown man on the swings, towel on the seat beneath him clearly indicating premeditation (slightly creepy, but interesting)
  • Seeing a single, pierced college student smoking a cigarette as he pulled into the park and wondering what he was doing there; at the side farthest from the entrance, seeing his car parked beside the one that had entered just after him; seeing them both pull away after a momentary exchange, and thinking, "Ah-ha! So that's what was going on!" even though I wasn't sure.

  • And, finally, oh noetry:*
    smoke on ivory
    subtlest of changing skies
    wind blows where it will

    *But I will absolutely not accept any grief for it until you can write (and post) something better. While running. In Ohio.

    1 comment:

    Scott said...

    Haiku always screams, "oh noetry" to me. However, I've seen some really good poems that were a series of haikus. A series gives you more opportunity to explore the subject but you still keep the great condensed feeling of Haiku. Similarly, a crown of sonnets is a series of 14 related sonnets. Making it a series gives you the opportunity to create a pastiche effect.