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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Yesterday evening, I did two miles around the city park loop, and almost froze. It was only 30 degrees, but it hurt my nose to breathe. The air and atmosphere were gray, gelid, and thoroughly bleak.

But today--today! 48 degrees we had, today! The sun came out in the afternoon, and along with it, most of the dogs in B.G. Yesterday I'd been alone except for the determined, be-tuqued teenagers playing roller hockey, but today I was passing walkers and their dogs left and right.

The company and the color of the sky were of course wonderful, but they weren't the best part of the outing. The best part was that I could smell the air. For the first time since I've been back, the air was warm enough to sniff. And in the park, the scent of trees, grass, and--gentle harbinger of spring--barbecue hung on the breeze.


bryant said...

I'm glad you are running. I am going to start again soon.

Carissa J said...

I'm glad it was 48 degrees. I don't remember what that feels like. :)