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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The times that make it worth it

"CëRï! I need your help." I hadn't heard him come up behind me, but suddenly there he was, agitated.

"I've been trying to think of this artist all morning, and I can't get it. She's a woman. Did a lot with latex. Worked with that color theory guy--Albers! Worked with Albers. Latex. I can't think of her name!"

"Umm... Latex? Not Eva Hesse?"

"YES! That's it. Eva Hesse. I've been trying to think of that for hours. I was determined to get it on my own... but then I just had to ask you. Hesse! Thanks."

"I'm glad I could be of help," I said as he disappeared through the door. If only teaching in the classroom were this rewarding.

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