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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"You may not have understood me, but I was speaking technology!"*

My odometer indicates that I commuted 113 miles to and from campus today.

My cell phone calculator reveals that I only got 25 mpg doing so ('back to my resolution to drive 65...).

My hoarse voice suggests that I may have been yelling for my entire 2.5 hour lecture.

...But what will tell me whether or not I'm a good teacher?

* The word "technology" means "magic."


bryant said...

You should get better than 25mpg. What were you getting last summer after I changed the spark plugs?

Nancy said...


Scott said...

There is no measurement of good teaching. It helps if you can see them when they are in a more advanced course later, but let's face it, we're rarely so lucky.

When you feel confident, you can get them to give you feedback on the class. It can be exhilerating, discouraging, and cathartic.