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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"Given good manners, you will go far..."

I am not, with the exception of the occasional crepes/ Swedish pancakes, generally a pancake- maker. Bryant is: he throws them together beautifully, without a recipe. Tonight, though, since I acquired a mad craving for blueberry pancakes and he was not around, I asked the internet for a recipe.

This is what I found, the easy winner as it didn't require separating, frothing, folding, etc. Even it suggested more work than I found necessary--forget the sifting, thawing and draining, for one thing, and throw the berries directly into the batter. Whole wheat flour made them even tastier. I made four, not six, pancakes, and ate them all as soon as they were cooked.

I'll admit that I was ravenous. And chilly. But I believe the double benefits of being able to make these with ingredients already lying around (especially if, like me, you buy giant bags of frozen berries for their antioxidant goodness) and the warm, juicy wonderfulness that is every bite, will make these a favorite year-round.

You can already smell them, can't you?


bryant said...

Yum. I want to make some frozen berry pancakes now.

Cerise said...

If you'd been here, we could have made a triple batch, and stuffed ourselves!

Daniel said...

I've taken to putting five or six frozen blackberries in my oatmeal for their antioxidant goodness.


Scott said...

I am unjustifiably happy about your h2g2 link.