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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"Just a spoonful of sugar..."

Ten Good Things About Fall in Ohio:

10. No need to expose my pallid legs
9. Sweaters (though I wore them all summer to protect against the A/C)
8. That smoky smell
7. The colors
6. Hot drinks (though I still haven't quite weaned myself off of Grounds' teamonades)
5. Apartment has cooled off
4. Lack of temptation to run around outside and frolic rather than study
3. Electric blanket
2. Soup!
1. It's not winter yet


nancy said...

I saw a dred-locked young man at the post office sitting in his car with Minnesota license plates. He looked very happy to be in southern California

Cerise said...

Mom is on a mission!

Angela said...

i thought it was a valiant attempt at fending them off though. there is something warming about cool, crisp falls.

bryant said...

I miss the fall.

Valerie said...

I miss Ohio...oh wait! i've never been to Ohio...however, I seem to miss it anyhow...perhaps that's a sign to leave this armpit of California. Did I just say that outloud? I think I apologies to anyone who loves SoCal.

Jefu and Mari said...

hey, nice blog. i love the fall. mostly that smoky smell:) nice to hear from you.

jeff carlson