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Saturday, September 24, 2005

The week in pictures

(Clicking the pictures will enlarge them; the captions may or may not make more sense.)

BG Beach

The White Castle (home sweet home)

In Europe, I took endless boring pictures of the corners of buildings. Here in BG, I do the same thing.

Bryant and me at the Columbus airport

He's on a plane to L.A. right now and I'm sad.

What Gollum needed (on a fold-down changing table in a Marion County rest area)

I think the woman on the left is on to me, sneaking photos in the Meijer parking lot...


Ellen said...

a dalorian (sp?)!!! did they put trash in it and speed into the future?

Cerise said...

Yeah, a Delorean! One can only imagine what they might have been doing with it in the parking lot of a BG Meijer...

Dragonfly said...

"Are you telling me that you made a time machine.....out of a DELORIAN???"