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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"Nobody gonna slow me down, oh no..."

Bryant thinks the first thing I need to do in preparation for my move is to inventory all my stuff.

Because I am too distracted and distractible to actually go through my house and write things down, I tried to do it in my head this morning while I was jogging.

I started in the kitchen. Set of pots. Microwave. Dinner service for... 12? ...8? ...Trees!

Distractibility is even more intense, apparently, when one is in motion.

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Ted (er, Logan) said...

When I moved last December, I cataloged everything I packed: I recorded the contents of each box, the box number, and where it was going after the move. Then I printed out labels (six-to-a-sheet packing labels; one big number (the box id) and the destination; I actually printed bar codes on some of the boxes just for fun, even though I don't have anything that can actually read bar codes) and slapped them on the sides of the boxes. On moving day, all I had to do was print out signs for the rooms and my army of semi-trained monkeys had no trouble matching box destinations with rooms. Once the dust settled, if I desperately needed something, I could figure out which box it was in and where that box should be, then search the box itself until I found what I wanted.

Of course, I've put entirely too much time into figuring out how to organize my move.