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Thursday, September 22, 2005

"Can you -imagine- how I feel about it, Dmitri?"

Last night I introduced Bryant to Dr. Strange- love. The Pentagon may have watched The Battle of Algiers (and a lot of good it did them, clearly), but have they watched Dr. Strangelove? Have they?? It certainly seems doubtful, as Dubya, unlike President Merkin Muffley, does not even apologize for his own mistakes, let alone those of others. Somehow I don't think he'd get the film.

Tonight, we sat on the golf course and watched the lightning.


Dragonfly said...

I hesitate to place myself in the intellectual category of dubya-dumbass, but I didn't get Dr. Strangelove either. I was confused and disoriented for most of the movie.

Cerise said...

Hmmm... that kind of makes me sound like a snob, doesn't it? I don't claim to have gotten everything, either, but I did think it was hilarious. I thought the war-mongers were alarmingly like our own government today, but I loved the idea of a president who would just get on the phone with a foreign head of state and try to apologize and work things out. Peter Sellers is a genius.