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Thursday, June 30, 2005


Today was a quasi-baffling series of near-but-definitely-non-disasters.

I was going to be late to school because I couldn't find the key to unlock my bike (meaning a long commute, on foot, in the heat), when a distinct impression (if not a voice) told me to check my pockets one more time... and there was the key.

There was a terrific, pounding, crashing thunderstorm around noon, and I began to recall, unpleasantly, all the items (including electronic devices) near my open windows. But wait: this morning, for the first time since I've been back in BG, I had closed all my windows--not because of the impending storm (weather reports here being essentially worthless) but because I wanted to keep it cooler inside.

I thought I'd lost the CardCam: in the front pocket of my backpack.

I had lost my ethernet cord--but when I got back to the library tonight, it was still there, plugged into the wall.

Days like this can lead one to one of two conclusions: either I'm wildly distracted and forgetful, but subconsciously have things under control... or Someone Else is looking out for me.

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Nancy said...

What a great story!