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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Optimist

The optimist fell ten stories
And at each window bar,
He shouted to his friends below,
"All right so far!"

Aforementioned friend and contributor Ellen had her own Disaster Kitchen moment this week:

"i was going to make curry pumpkin soup tonight. and after i got the onions chopped and sauteing i went to open the cans of coconut milk and pumpkin. turns out, i picked up a can of pumpkin pie mix. i got it at open harvest, and not wanting to make pumpkin pie or wasting a can of three dollar and 50 cent pumpkin mix i went ahead and added it to the onions, garlic, and coconut milk. the result, after alot of salt and curry is pumpkin pie soup.

"lesson learned: read the label, don't just look at the picture."

This is what happened the last time I let Bryant help with pumpkin curry soup:

Before: me, getting ready to blend the soup

After: Bryant tried to stir while the blender was... blending.

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