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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas Cards

For a while there it seemed doubtful, but I do finally have most of our* (very late) Christmas cards mailed out. There are two or three yet unclaimed, so if you'd like one, send me your address and I'll make it happen! If I sent you a card last year, you're on this year's list.

As is traditional, here is last year's card, with which I was particularly pleased (click to see the larger version):

In the great trajectory of my cards getting weirder and more obscure, this one marked a new high point.  I found the image below as I was searching for the card to post; the reference is Mucha's Princess Hyacinth:

Here are cards from:

*Yes, our! My bicycle only makes an appearance in the postage stamps, but David and the kitties are in this one. Eeps!


chelfea said...

We got your card today! Loved it. I'm so sorry we didn't get you one this year. Next year...I swear....

CëRïSë said...

Aaah! I'm glad! And no worries about one from you; you've had plenty on your mind!