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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Christmas cards

Last year, I launched my one-woman crusade to resist the tyranny of Christmas card photos featuring only couples with their families and/or pets. I don't have anything against those photos, per se, and if you send me one, it joins my fridge gallery, where I admire it whenever I reach for the soy milk. However, there are more people in the world than cute couples and animals, and I thought I'd do what I could to right the balance (and ideally start a new trend). Hence, the photo I included in last year's Christmas cards, which says, "Merry Christmas from CëRï and her bicycle":
I was hoping that it would end up on people's fridges, but when I visited my parents, it wasn't even on theirs. Sigh.

However, the crusade continues this year! Today I finished what I think is a pretty snazzy design (or at the very least unusual), and have started addressing envelopes.

So! If you would like to receive a card, whether you desire a token single person in your fridge gallery, are generally curious, or just like receiving mail, you can send your address to disasterkitchen ((at)) I will send you one. But hurry, before I run out of Nutcracker stamps!

2008 card
2009 card


Ern said...

I LOVE that! And it would definitely go on my fridge. I'm sure your parents will be shamed into displaying this year's. :)

Mumsie said...

This parent is properly shamed and chastised and promises to display the card on the new frig. This parent further promises to give said card prominence in a fashion that will delight and amuse my favorite firstborn AND I will leave it in place until Christmas 2009.

Teri said...

I've had your card displayed ALL year!

Larissa said...

I will send you my address but I want one of your old cards! I love it! But I am looking forward to seeing what this years design is too. :]

strovska said...

i like that idea. i have nothing against families and pets either, but i do think the balance should be righted in favor of bicycles.


The Churches said...

Way to 'out' your parents Ceri! Guilt always works... It's my mechanism of choice! ;)

CëRïSë said...

Hahaha! I didn't actually mean to shame my parents; they definitely show their love and support in many ways! I am, however honored to have been on Ter and Paul's fridge (and will join yours, too, dear readers, if you send me your addresses).

Nothing said...

I just wanted to say that I have updated my blog and blog address. Gradschoolnothing is no more. The Nothing is now up and running:

I Hope So said...

you are so clever. and this token single person is on pins and needles to receive your card :)