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Friday, November 16, 2012


I stole these pictures off Instagram
Tonight I helped with--and walked in!--my first fashion show! I've mentioned before that my beautiful sister-in-love is the designer behind Bunny & Pear, and tonight she showed her line at the 2012 Hood River Gala Fashion Show.

Ten of us (including Becca's little cousin Bella) modeled, and it was a blast. I ended up doing everyone's makeup except Becca's (who was my template!), while she made everyone's hair huge and curly (except mine, which does that on its own). Her models were all gorgeous, though, and I had a ton of fun working in a medium I hadn't played with in years. By the time I got to my own face, at the end, I was thoroughly exhausted--too tired to worry too much about walking down the runway.

I can't really tell you how that part went, because I have no idea. I hope I kept my chin up and my face neutral and that my mid-runway poses didn't look too uncoordinated, but I really don't know. Mostly I hope I walked slowly enough so that people could get a good look at Becca's beautiful clothes (soon to be available here). I look forward to seeing more pictures and video, though--especially since we got to see so little of the show ourselves!


Roots and Ladders said...

smokin'! i was in a fashion show once... i think i was 6 years old and it was for j.c. penny's. your fashion show looks way cooler :)

Mumsie said...

Nice job on the make-up!

CëRïSë said...

J.C. Penney?! That's clearly the big time, Mandy.

And thanks, Mom!