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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Today I raked and bagged leaves and hung the last living room mini-blinds (which required installing a hand-cut shim--and wrestling with my cordless drill). It left me feeling quite accomplished--although I'm pretty sure I'll be sore tomorrow.

Pobbes kept a careful eye on us.
This morning as I was hauling the trash out to the curb (another manly task!), I noticed several crops of mushrooms in the yard. Becca came over later and helped me identify them: a bunch of (edible) fat jacks,* and some other generic lawn shrooms that she did identify, but whose name I can't recall. We have a giant oak and a giant Doug Fir in our front yard, so the lawn is a veritable fungus farm. Very exciting, of course.

*Which she took home; I'm still working on cultivating a taste for mushrooms, let alone cooking them myself.


Mumsie said...

Guess I didn't know you weren't a mushroom fan. Maybe you need a cookbook?

CëRïSë said...

I'll eat them, but I don't relish them (yet). I'm still working on that!

Mumsie said...

:( No Wednesday post?