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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Cards

This year, as particularly Alert readers may have noticed, I didn't post my customary Christmas card notice. Then again, since I abruptly stopped posting anything three weeks into NaBloPoMo, it might not have been particularly surprising.

In any case, I did send out cards this year, but they went to people whose addresses I already had. I ended up having my cards professionally printed this year, and although I got a steal of a deal on them, I didn't think I could afford to expand my list much this year.* As it was, I had to have an extra one printed for me at Kinko's. Oh, but, yeah! I totally recommend Picaboo for card printing. Envelopes are even included, so with the deal I got, it was actually cheaper to have Picaboo print my cards than to do the photo-printing, card stock-buying, and envelope-procuring on my own (let alone much easier than the cutting and glue-sticking).

Ordinarily, of course, I show the previous year's card when I solicit this year's requests. Since I didn't get that done this year, though, I'll just show you last year's and tell you now that if you send me your address (disasterkitchen ((at)) now, I'll send you next year's:

As you may have noticed (with cards from 2009, 2008, and 2007 for reference), the cards have just gotten more elaborate and generally weirder. This year's is the weirdest yet, but I won't post it here until next year.

Meanwhile, several of you Alert Readers also sent fantastically creative cards this year! I do admit to loving the ones with adorable children/babies, and even the ones with cute couples, but quite possibly my favorite was Bog Lemming Superstar's. It took the non-traditional Christmas card to truly new heights, which I'll let her share if she so desires. Well done, I say.

So. I'm still sort of pretending it's the holidays--partly because about 3am yesterday I woke up with my every-two-to-three-years stomach bug** and spent nearly all day in bed, and have today been similarly low on productivity (and eating). The thought of gearing up for a semester that will include TA-ing (and teaching sections) for one class, teaching another two online, and, ideally, finishing my dissertation, is tiring even at full-strength. So, for at least one more day, happy holidays!

*See also: not blogging.
**Vegetarians are thankfully not very food poisoning prone


BrianV said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere--yes I am so cliche! We greatly enjoyed your card this year :) One of our favs of the year.

Misty said...

Yes, your card this year was very creative. And, yay for great deals on printing. =)

Hope you are feeling better! Good luck with everything before you this year...especially with that dissertation! You can DO it!

strovska said...

i loved this year's! unfortunately i completely ran out of steam and didn't send a single card.

CëRïSë said...

Thanks for the comments on the cards, guys! Brian and Misty, I adored the cards from both of you (though, Brian, I'm still hoping for a K-as-Cupid Valentine!). Rachel, I have loved your cards in years past--and completely understand forgoing the card madness.

Ellen said...

I didn't know I was entering a competition.

CëRïSë said...

Ellen, no competition--but if there had been, you would have won in the "earliness," "handmade," and "calligraphic" categories!

holly said...

Love the card from last year! You are so beautiful, Ceri! :) I will e-mail you my address and anticipate an amazing Christmas card from you next year.

We were going to do cards with Snapfish, but never got around to it. I'm glad I did the video instead. It was fun to make and didn't cost a dime! :)

CëRïSë said...

Awww, thanks, Holly! And I did love the video!