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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Royal We

Primping before going out.
This year for Halloween, David and I went as a royal couple: we were Prince and Princess Leia.

I had wanted to be Prince since last November or so, when we watched Purple Rain for the first time and I was seized with inspiration.
Getting into character. (See my eye pencil side burns?)
My hair was even more Prince-ly then, and he wears pretty amazing eyeliner, so I thought it would be perfect. David came up with the Princess Leia counterpart.

I was able to find almost all the ingredients for my costume at our local St. Vinny's: studded pleather pants, a giant purple men's blazer, and gauzy ruffled curtains.
Raw materials: pleather pants, curtains, and a purple suit coat.
I bought silver pyramid studs at (no joke!) and "shooties" (this is a thing?) at Target.

I ended up putting in a pretty ridiculous amount of work on the costume. The pants were the easiest part: two quick seams up the legs to make them skinny. The shirt was more involved; I attached the ruffle to the collar of a short-sleeved white button down, built up a tall neck, made sleeves with more ruffles at the wrists, and even sewed on pearly buttons.
The giant blazer in its original state.
The jacket, though, was definitely the hardest. I thought I could get away with quick seams up the sides and down the sleeves, but that looked funny, so I ended up taking off the sleeves, shortening the shoulders, and reattaching them.
I even tacked part of the lining (which I'd had to take out first thing to access the structural seams) back in. It was good sewing practice but not something I'd readily take on again anytime soon.

I started out by actually studding these, then ended up borrowing my neighbor's hot glue gun and attaching them that way.
The results, though? Totally worth it.

David and his cinnamon buns.

David suggested that maybe instead of Princess Leia, he should just go as a ghost.
Oh! I also sewed David's costume, from this amazingly helpful tutorial. I did the hood and everything. Also crazy. The buns he found online.

Exhausted but still fierce after the party.


Leah said...

Ha! This is brilliant! This is why I never dress up for Halloween...because I'd never be able to come up with something this creative.

CëRïSë said...

Aww, thanks Leah! There were several costumes at that party that were super creative, including a Wayne and Garth, a Steinbeckian George and Lenny(!), and even a catfish (cat+fish) and noodler.

BrianV said...

Prince and princess Leia. You guys are way too creative for anyone's good! Love it.

CëRïSë said...

Ha! Thanks, Brian.

Chunk said...

as creeped out as i am by prince, i'll let it slide because this post made me laugh out loud. i'm totally in love with you guys. what fun!

CëRïSë said...

You're creeped out by Prince?! What's not to love about a tiny, made-up, flamboyant musician who changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol and in Purple Rain talks to puppets, uses his own saliva as a styling agent, and tells Apollonia she needs to "purify yourself in the healing waters of Lake Minnetonka"?

On second thought, I totally get what you mean.

He was an awfully fun costume, though, and I'm glad it made you laugh!