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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


A few weeks ago, David and a friend and I biked to a cafe about a mile and a half from our house, called Crema. We had brunch on their uber-charming patio, and then, because it was so irresistible, we had some homemade ice cream from their impressive display. Since then, David and I have been back there twice for frozen treats.

Tonight, we stopped in after dinner at the Minnow. We shared a triple scoop(!): strawberry basil sorbet, topped, at the scooper's recommendation, with banana ice cream and pineapple mango basil sorbet. It was amazing. I'm not a huge banana fan, but the ice cream tasted like banana bread batter smells--buttery and creamy and delicious. The pineapple mango chaser had just the right amount of fruity tang--plus the clean, herby hint of basil.

"This place is as good as the Patisserie!" I gushed.
"It's better," David said.
"Better?" I asked.
"It's not in Walla Walla!"

When I recovered from laughing, I said, "I would blog that--but half the people who read my blog live in Walla Walla!"

David didn't care, and here I've gone and blogged it. Walla Walla people, I love you! I love your patisserie! And when you come visit me here in Mpls, I'll take you to Crema and you can judge its wonders for yourself!


Ted said...

We're not friends anymore.

Hathor said...

I still love you, goddess. I think you and David need to come try the Patisserie again, just to compare. = )

chelfea said...

We could arrange an exchange program between our two fine cities, maybe?

CëRïSë said...

Ted, I hope you can forgive me.

Heather, I'm glad you still love me, and the Patisserie is definitely on the itinerary for the October trip!

And Chelsey, I love it: instead of exchange students, exchange desserts! There's a program with potential...

thebluemuse said...

Heavens, I just visited the Patisserie (on my first visit to Walla Walla in seven years) and I'm having a hard time envisioning something better. Lucky! P.S. I'm currently reading two of the three books you are. Dissertation writing?

CëRïSë said...

Hi, BlueMuse! It's true: the Patisserie is absolutely divine--definitely a must for W2 visits!

And my "currently reading" section is hideously out of date, since I switched over to GoodReads... I clearly need to update it. But, yes, I am writing a dissertation. Which of the books are you reading?