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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Weekends II

Yesterday was a busy day in Minneapolis--Rock the Garden, Twins Game, and the Stone Arch Festival. But it rained all day, so David and I pretty much stayed inside and ate (a fruit pizza with a shortbread crust for brunch, and egg, potato, and black bean burritos in homemade tortillas for lunch). We did get out for a film in the evening: Super 8, which I thought hit the summer-movie mark solidly, with a deft mix of thrills, impressive acting, nostalgic period details, and a great soundtrack.

Today, though, was warmer and dryer, so we biked to the Birchwood for brunch and then over to the second day of the festival. It was pretty crowded--bigger than I remember from my first year here.* David spotted a few friends we hadn't seen in several weeks, though, so that was a highlight. The other highlight was walking down to the north/east bank of the Mississippi at the base of the Stone Arch bridge. I'd never been down there, and the views of the bottom of the massive bridge, and the city skyline across the river, were definitely worth the climb down (and back up) the humidity- and moss-slicked wooden steps on legs sore from this morning's hot yoga.

*Wow; rereading that entry was a weird blast from the past.

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