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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things That Are Awesome VIII

Things That Are Awesome VIII (the winter edition):

  • Fleece sheets. Before David's parents bought us these for Christmas, I didn't even know they existed. I've had flannel sheets for years, but these blow those out of the water on the warmth front. They're basically very soft, thin fleece blankets, sewn into a standard sheet set configuration, and they are amazing. When they're pre-heated with the electric blanket, climbing between them is like curling up in a teddy bear's warm innards. Delightful.
  • Smartwool muffler. This was another Christmas present, this one from my sister. It is the heaviest, nicest scarf I've ever owned--made of soft merino wool, and thick and "tall" enough that it sits structurally on my shoulders and covers my face (as you can see in the picture to the left; for the photo from this earlier post, I had pulled it down only for as long as it took to take the photo [promptly numbing everything below my eyes]). It is wonderful!
  • Flannel neck-warmer. David's sister Becca made this for me for Christmas, and I've never gotten so many compliments on an accessory! I'm hoping she adds them to her Esty shop so that I can direct interested parties there. This picture doesn't actually show it all that well--but does show one of the Brand New People I met over Christmas (Brian and Liesl's!), and the lovely arm warmers David bought me. Since I wear the neck-warmer all the time, you'll probably see it soon in another picture, anyway.
  • Winter pedicure! I've mentioned the hour-long, $15 pedicures at my local beauty school. The lovely warm soak and scrubbing felt extra-special yesterday, even though I had to put my Smartwool socks and big boots on and trudge back to the car through the snow. Those toes are coming out in two weeks, though, when we head to Orlando for Mandy's wedding! Saint Paul College is also where I get the sunscreen I mentioned last time, and this stuff:
  • Pevonia Botanica Problematic Skin Care Cream. Oh, yes, my skin is problematic--or was, until I found this moisturizer (paired with CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser alternating with Pevonia's Phyto-Gel Cleanser). These products (except for the CeraVe, which I found myself) were all recommended by the aestheicians at SPC--where I can get them at approximately 25% or more off retail. Even so, they cost more than I've been used to paying for skin care products, but are so worth it for the results: namely, my skin looking and feeling the best it has in many, many years. Combined with periodic facials, they seem to actively calm and improve my skin (versus the treatments I've tried over the years, many of them dermatologist-prescribed, that aggressively dry or otherwise aggravate it in the name of controlling break-outs). I moisturize twice daily with the cream (over a drop or two of SkinCeuticals' Hydrating B-5 gel if I'm flaky [which can happen here in the winter!]; keeping my skin hydrated and calmed seems to work better for me than any other "treatments." Or maybe, after two decades of it, I've finally just (mostly) outgrown my acne; who knows.
  • J Crew's winter sale. 40% off of all sale items with code MUSTHAVE. For real! The web store wasn't applying my discount, so I called customer service--and was given free shipping for my "trouble"! I got $265 worth of (originally-priced merchandise) for a fraction of that. Deal ends tomorrow, though, so hurry!
What are your Awesome Things this winter?


Daniel said...

I think "warm as a teddy bear's innards" might be the new "cool as the other side of the pillow."

BrianV said...

We were thrilled you were able to come by and visit our little guy! :)Good picture!

Mumsie said...

I love the new "You might also like" feature. I just browsed through David's and your first IQD pictorial. I had forgotten how gorgeous you looked in the little black dress!

CëRïSë said...

Daniel, that's high praise!

Brian, I think my photo demonstrates how thrilled I was, too! It was fantastic to see all of you.

And Mumsie, thanks! I don't know what that little gadget's formula is for calculating suggestions, and they change all the time; it's pulled up some fairly odd content!

Nic said...

Fleece sheets sound out of this world amazing. I'm going to have to look into them!

CëRïSë said...

Nic, absolutely check out the fleece sheets! David's parents got ours at Costco, for what it's worth.

Becca said...

OMG. I love fleece sheets! Justin's mom has them too. Phenom. When I move somewhere cold again I am so getting them. I'm glad you like you wool neck warmer. Love you guys!

CëRïSë said...

Becca, I LOVE it. Thanks again! You really need to put them in your shop, because I have some friends very eager to get one!