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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Last Tuesday, when I noticed that it was the 4th of January and that I hadn't blogged since the 4th of December, I resolved to post something. Needless to say, I failed to do so.

But anyway, I'm back! I guess sometimes a date is enough of a motivation.

I was in the Northwest for about 10 days over the holidays and had a really excellent time. I flew into and out of Seattle, but in between also got to visit W2 and Portland. Among other things, I got to hang out with old friends and family, meet two brand-new babies, see my favorite mountains, and cook and consume lots and lots of delicious food.

Now I'm back, where it's all the predictable old things (cold, snowy, sunny when it's not snowing) and also delightful new ones (fleece sheets! hot yoga in the WINTER!). It's getting late now, but speaking of things I came back to, next time remind me to tell you the Tale of The Leaking ("It's a Natural Disaster!") Roof. Good times.


Anonymous said...

fleece sheets! woo! i have flannel ones, but i may have to upgrade. i'm feeling warmer and toastier just thinking about it.

and seriously, could you and the david BE any more adorable? stop, or i'll be forced to kick at you. =)

ah, love!

xo, lauren

Mumsie said...

Seriously adorable! Ditto Lauren. So glad you posted so I didn't have to play the "aunties are missing regular posts" card. I can hardly wait to read the blog version of the leaking roof saga.

CëRïSë said...

Thanks, Lauren and Mumsie! I hope to write more about the fleece sheets at some point; they really are a bit of a game-changer.