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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Obviously, I have been a blogging failure of late, of which my mom specifically called yesterday to remind me (hi Mom!).

I've been distracted by any number of wonderful things, about which I'll hopefully post--probably when I'm sufficiently interested in avoiding non-wonderful things, such as the piles of midterm exams my students are taking on Tuesday.

In the meantime: Marathon! I ran my fourth Twin Cities Marathon last Sunday. I did the first 17 miles with my very speedy running buddy, who was doing her first ever marathon, before I couldn't keep up. I ended up finishing in 4:37, which I just realized (thanks to the wonder of the Internet) is actually my second fastest marathon time. Speedy finished about half an hour before me, which is sort of heartbreaking, but she's so amazing I can't be bitter.

I think this is the link to the album of pictures I posted on FaceBook.

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