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Monday, November 22, 2010


In less than 24 hours, I'll be on a bus headed for Indianapolis. As I mentioned earlier, I'm excited to get out of town and see that part of the family, if somewhat less thrilled about the very long bus ride.

I've also been informed that I'm in charge of the pie for Thanksgiving dinner. I've only made one full pie in my entire life, and that was only a few weeks ago, so it should be exciting! I'm going to try traditional pumpkin. I was assigned pie duty because apparently I have a reputation for being a good cook; I told David that was kind of like saying, "You run marathons; you should join our wrestling team!" Still, successful pie-making seems like a grown-up Badge of Honor (so many of which I still seem to be lacking; one gets so few points for graduate degrees, for instance), so I'm hoping it works out.

Anyway, our weatherman is saying that tomorrow's supposed to be the best day for travel, as Wednesday will bring more precipitation of some sort (we had more freezing rain, topped by snow, today). David will be flying that day, so I'm hoping he gets out without incident. Wednesday has been designated a day of protest against the TSA's new invasive "security" measures, so that may also add to the drama.

Apparently one way to protest is to not fly, and, as you know, I'm all over that.


Daniel said...

Libby's recipe on their canned pumpkin has never failed me.

CëRïSë said...

Yep, apparently Libby's is our Old Family Recipe, too! I'm more worried about the crust than the pumpkin. Are you as known for your pie prowess inside your family as outside it? Are you on pie duty this year?

Daniel said...

Yes, my nuclear family likes my pies, the extended family doesn't dislike them or anything, they just don't eat them very often.

I'm making a chocolate bourbon pecan pie, and a pumpkin.

my captcha word is cretin (I didn't want to just put cretin like I was signing the comment.)

Hathor said...

You can't go wrong with apple pie either. That's my Thanksgiving assignment. I use an oil crust and as many apples as I can stuff inside. Yum.

CëRïSë said...

Daniel, chocolate bourbon pecan sounds AMAZING!

And Heather, apple was a second choice, but I'm glad I stuck with pumpkin, because my grandma, who recently hasn't been eating much of anything, had a full piece after lunch and then a full piece after supper! (Also, I talked with my other grandma this afternoon, and she was talking about how cute V is--and so busy!)