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Sunday, November 07, 2010


So Daylight Savings Time isn't all bad.

I had time before my usual 8am Sunday hot yoga to put together my sister's amazing cherry peach bread pudding so that it was ready when I got back. David and I had gone to the 9:40 showing of Get Low at the Riverview last night (which I thought was quite good), so the extra hour of sleep was decidedly welcome (as was the sunshine).

Of course, the fact that it was pretty much entirely dark here by 5:00 is a bummer. But before darkness fell, David and I made the most of an unseasonably warm day by packing a picnic and Nice Ride-ing around town. The Nice Rides go away for winter at 10pm tonight, so we tried to hit as many stops as we could today as a sort of last hurrah. We ate our sandwiches in the warm sunshine in Gold Medal Park, where we could hear the roar of the dome a few blocks away as the Vikings tied, and then in overtime won, their game.

Certainly gaining an hour in the fall is nicer than losing one in the spring, but overall I don't care for it. The evenings were already feeling long and dark, and although more daylight in the morning is nice, the whole thing mostly just feels like the knell of impending, interminable winter. (Which, I do realize, sounds somewhat ironic given today's jauntings about in the 65° sunshine, of which we've enjoyed an unseasonable amount already this autumn.)

At least I don't have kids to worry about! Good luck to those of you who have to deal with their schedules!


Heather said...

Ugh, from this parent. V wouldn't go to bed at her normal time or an hour late. At least I get to feel like I'm sleeping in tomorrow, eh?

CëRïSë said...

Yeah, I didn't feel like I was sleeping in this morning at all. Sigh. Again, though, no toddler to manage! Strength to you, my friend--!