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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mumsie & Dad's Visit

Guys, I am ridiculously behind. My parents were out here nearly a month ago and I still haven't posted about our adventures.

Here are a few highlights of the long weekend:

  • The superfantastic salads Mom and I ate at the French Meadow after I picked her up from the airport on Friday and our subsequent drive around the Chain of Lakes
  • The unbelievable storm Friday night that sent torrents of thigh-deep water rushing through the street along the south side of my block--which, naturally, David and I decided to go run through. There was totally an impromptu neighborhood block party, with people taking pictures, helping push out stalled cars, and dodging trashcans swept up by the current.
  • Dad joining my running buddy and me on the first four miles of our nine-mile run (he did two more and met us back at home)
  • Visiting Minnehaha Falls and exploring new hiking trails (some of them unfortunately a bit soggy from the previous day's storm)
  • Watching the USA-Ghana game at Pancho Villa (where Dad insisted on cheering for Ghana! I was disappointed with the outcome, but admit that it was quite the entertaining match)
  • Dinner at Loring Pasta Bar to celebrate Mom's birthday--with a balcony table that afforded fantastic views of the restaurant and kitchen
  • Five-course Sunday brunch at the historic Nicollet Island Inn to celebrate Mom and Dad's birthdays
  • Explorations of old Saint Anthony Main, the Stone Arch Bridge, Mill Ruins Park, and the Guthrie Theater
  • Downtown St. Paul, their side of the river, and milkshakes and fries at Mickey's Diner
  • Riding brand new Nice Ride bikes around the lakes and to the Walker Sculpture Garden
  • Walking around Loring Park and downtown in absolutely stunning weather (and the urchin who befriended Mom as she walked around the gardens)
  • Touring the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Thankfully David snapped quite a few shots with his camera phone, as I only remembered to take the proper camera a few times. You can view the entire gallery, with captions, here.


mandy said...

mumsie! i love that. i'm going to start calling my mom mumsie.

per usual, you look like you are leading such a charmed life in the big city. love your pics!


CëRïSë said...

Ooh, I love your new profile picture, Mandy! And thanks for the "charmed life" comment; I try to remember how good I have it. =)


Ern said...

HI Ceri! I suck as a blogfriend, but glad to see things are going well :)

Hi Ceri's mumsie and dad!

Also, that pic of the city should be blown up and framed.

CëRïSë said...

Aww, thanks Erin! I think you're a perfectly good blog friend, for what it's worth. =)