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Monday, February 22, 2010

Photo Dump

So I finally took several months' worth of pictures off my camera phone today, partly because I wanted to see the bunch that I had taken this evening on my walk from the West Bank to downtown. There were photos from Las Vegas, Seattle, Port Orchard, and Walla Walla, but for today I wanted to post just pictures of Mpls. Here are some of my favorites, starting with the most recent. (Click here to visit the entire album, for larger versions and to comment on individual pictures.)


February 19:

February 14: (A few more from this adventure)

February 12:

February 11:

February 10:

January 13:

January 12: (Yes, that is the Mississippi River, frozen and snowed-upon)

January 8: (This is what 1.0 °F looks like)

December 10: (This is what -5.1 °F looks like)

November 16:

November 7:

October 27: (I was actually startled to see green grass in these photos; it's been so long!)

October 26:

October 21:

It's a good city. Cold, definitely. But, as shown in just a few examples here, it has great art, architecture, and outdoor opportunities. And spring really is on its way! Although we're headed for a low of around 15° tonight, and lows of -5° to 0° by tomorrow, with more snow, last week was positively balmy, with a couple of (sunny!) days that topped 33°. The worst of the cold is over, although I sometimes wonder whether the bitter temps are actually worse than the simple duration of winter. We are, after all, guaranteed at least another month of the latter.


The Churches said...

Beautiful photos, as always. Love the ice one! And, eh, some random city art there... Spoon and a cherry in a pond... hmmm... I think I must be a fan of traditional art.

Ellen said...

What's this "green grass" you speak of?

Leah said...

Aw, I wish I lived in a midwestern city. I could take pictures of the flowers here, but it wouldn't compete with progressive midwestern cities.

Mumsie said...

The quality of your phone pictures is awesome.

CëRïSë said...

Thanks, Adrianna! Spoonbridge and Cherry is one of our more famous landmarks, actually--I love its whimsicality.

Ellen, it startled me, too.

Leah, I would love to see your flower pictures, especially as we won't have those here for weeks. Or months. Or ever.

And Mumsie, I'm glad they're halfway decent; I love how handy my camera is for quick captures!