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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Erin has extended the deadline on her giveaway to FRIDAY, so go enter! Even if you don't know her, who doesn't love beautiful handmade gifts, mailed right to your door? You have nothing to lose. Do it.

In related news, there is currently another giveaway underway on Ashley's immensely charming blog! The prize on this one is a bustle skirt by Miss Becca, proprietress of Bunny & Pear Clothing on Etsy. Becca is really an amazing and creative seamstress, and although I would love that skirt, I won't hate you if you win it instead of me, because both it and she are awesome. Go therefore and enter.


Becca said...

Awe shucks Ceri! You're too sweet. I miss you guys. :(

CëRïSë said...

There's an easy solution to that: you should come visit! FABRIC WAREHOUSE. You'd be a much better shopping companion than David. =)