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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Happy December, all!

It's extra happy here today, because David was offered a position at what amounts to sort of his dream job. It's a controller position, so he won't have the pesky tax season he's dealt with for the past several years in public accounting. His office is also in the Warehouse District of downtown, which, in addition to being generally awesome, is only a few miles north of my house and forms a neat little triangle with my East Bank office. (Yes, I've already become a total pansy this winter as far as biking is concerned--but it's so hard to turn down free rides, and when I don't have to bike I get to wear nice clothes!) Needless to say, after three months of rather daunting unemployment (curse this economy--as I told him this evening, he's a frikkin' accountant, after all, not a beat poet!), this is a huge relief. To terminate his unemployment with such an exciting prospect and great people feels extra fantastic.

We just got back from the west coast last night, after driving back through the gorge and flying out of PDX. David and I didn't get to sit together on the plane, but we did both have window seats, and it was one of my most memorable flights in recent memory. It was a gloriously clear day, and the view of Hood was spectacular. I was wishing I could identify all the peaks (Adams? Jefferson? Three Sisters?) when it occurred to me that as I could see clear across Oregon to the south, I might be able to see Rainier to the north. I actually gasped when I turned and saw it, larger than life and perfectly framed in the windows across the aisle. Amazing! It was especially interesting to follow our path east along the gorge, having just come the opposite way that morning. I recognized the dams and phalanxes of wind turbines (visible in the full-sized version of the photo), and even thought I could see Multnomah Falls, where we'd stopped briefly on our way in.

Tomorrow I board another plane, this one bound for Las Vegas. I get in late and then have Friday by myself before meeting up with April and Chris Saturday morning. We run early (6:15 a.m.! the pain!) Sunday, and if you feel like tracking us, you can find details about that here. I had thought at one point about running the full marathon, and I am very glad that I talked myself out of that rash plan and registered, along with the other two, for the half. I'm already feeling so much less stressed! My usual race voodoo--what I can and can't eat, what I wear, how I sleep, etc.--is significantly calmed when I know I'm running 13.1 miles, instead of 26.2. I'm not too inspired at the moment, having been on the ground in my home timezone for only slightly more than 24 hours and not particularly anxious to leave again, but I'm sure I'll be excited soon enough.

One inspiration: AirTran (for all their other, significant flaws [i.e. I fly through Atlanta on my way from MSP to LAS]) now has wifi on all their flights! It's not free (yet), but still--we're living in the future.


BrianV said...

Beautiful shots! I LOVE seeing the mountains from a plane--my favorite is the flight to Vegas on a clear day--down the east side of the Cascades, then the Sierra Nevada.

Congrats on David's job! Three months is the magic number. That's how long it took me to find a job when we moved to Boise back in '03. What a depressing three months that was, but it felt SO good when it was over!

The Churches said...

Yay for David!!
K, but seriously, don't you want to move back here?! I mean, I only live in the most gorgeous state EVER!! ....And it RARELY snows.... :)

Curly Sue said...

Hooray on the job for David! Minneapolis is only my dream city, so I'm happy you two can settle for a bit.

Also: I LOVE your profile pic. And where did you get those amazing boots?

Misty said...

Congrats to David on his new job!

I'm so happy to claim Oregon as my home state, even though the Midwest has claimed me now. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Good luck in Vegas!

CëRïSë said...

Thanks for all your congrats to David! He starts work Wednesday, and we're both stoked.

And yes, I agree with all of you that Oregon is gorgeous, especially in the sunshine. I love to visit. =)

Leah, thanks! The boots are the ones I got two winters ago--Merrell Spire Peak Waterproof. I still wear them all the time!

Ashley said...

We visited that waterfall in May and I still laugh when I think about the wedding party that was more than showered once upon a time. Looks like you did not experience a similar fate, good job! :)

CëRïSë said...

Ashley, I don't think I've heard that story! But I do love those falls; David and I stopped as often as we could this summer when we traveled through the gorge.