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Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Christmas

This is my tree!

Tonight I further upped the Christmas-ing with a very cold pilgrimage to Holidazzle, which I apparently mentioned here last year, but only in passing. It's a distinctly chilly, but blessedly short, parade that's kind of an institution in these parts. Primarily, it's cold. Secondarily, it's sparkly. Thirdly, it's extremely corporate. Sixthly and lastly, it's festive (and cold).

Here are a few of David's pictures:

In the last picture, we're dancing to stay warm. Good times.


Daniel said...

The one time I saw the Holidazzle parade, I was fortunate to watch it from the skywalk from Macy's.

CëRïSë said...

You saw Holidazzle! Crazy.

Yes, there are options for staying warmer, the skyways being one of them (though they do fill up fast). We waited for the parade to start in--and David periodically returned to!--a heated hallway with windows facing the street.

strovska said...

holidazzle! that wins the prize for hokiest holiday-event name. your tree, though, almost makes me wish i had one.

CëRïSë said...

Ooh, thanks for the tree compliment! I'm sure your tree would be stunning.