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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Today I rode to school for the first time since September. And that was the first time I'd ridden anywhere since I got back to Minneapolis after the summer! David has biked more than me, since he rides around the lakes while I run around them. It's embarrassing.

I'm embarrassed.

Another confession: my pad thai was definitely less-than-mindblowing on Sunday night. I overcooked the noodles, so they were mushy, and then over-sauced the whole thing, so it was too salty. Go ye therefore and avoid these mistakes.

Another one: today I went to save the document of ramblings wherein I finally put in my first 15 minutes, and discovered I didn't even have a folder entitled "Dissertation." It's my fourth year of the PhD program. This confirms my general feeling of failure.

Again: tonight instead of going to the program at the art museum that I'd had on my calendar for weeks, I wimped out and made potato pizza and fancy salads and we stayed in and watched The Brothers Bloom on Netflix.

Another: I just remembered that I was supposed to do a bunch of preliminary reading for tomorrow's symposium. The presenters are famous and I'm pretty excited about the whole thing... but I probably won't do the reading.

Since I'm on a roll: recently I have a fear that I'm consistently making grammatical and stylistic errors in my writing, as though I've lost the ability to copy-edit my own stuff. It's alarming.

And, as you already know, I had, accidentally, already screwed up NaBloPoMo by only the SEVENTH DAY of the month.

There it is.


Curly Sue said...

Oh, don't be so hard on yourself. It's just's not writing for the New Yorker (if only *sigh*).

I've heard that those dissertation-writing books can really help. I know several people who shall remain nameless who used them at various points.

Ellen said...

The folder's named with the title of your dissertation, right?

strovska said...

potato pizza is an intriguing idea.

The Churches said...

You worry too much... :) ...And I hate to consider what you might think of MY grammatical and stylistic errors... Oh dear... This paragraph is full of them!

CëRïSë said...

Thanks, friends.

Leah, so far I'm loving the book; I told David it's like having someone hold my hand and tell me that I don't have to be frightened. My supremely awesome adviser, for all her other amazingness, is not a hand-holder, so it's extra nice.

Ellen, it's actually called "Dissertation."

Rachel, maybe I'll post the recipe; it's easy!

And Adrianna, you write very well! I think it's pretty obvious that we're still friends because we were both such smarties in third grade. =)